Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mirror Mirror

There are three very scary things baout this 1990 low budget number if we don't count the fact it looks like it was made ten years earlier. The first would be Karen Black who turns in the worst performance of her entire career. I'm serious, it looks like somebody loaded her up on Scotch and antidepressants and pushed her in front of the camera which is sad as she's a wonderful lady and has done some stunning work over the years. The second would be Rainbow Harvest. Yes, this is an actress and not some long forgotten hippie porn star. Her character here is a angst ridden Boy George clone and trust me, this is the scariest thing you will find in MIRROR MIRROR. Oh, I said there were three scary things......try THREE more in the MIRROR MIRROR series after this one and yes, I've seen them all. It's obvious I'm missing something here as this series has quite a cult following and this might have to do with the fact it was directed by a women and written by the Cascone sisters who went on to work on two of the sequels. Actually, that is all the Cascone sisters would go on to but this is besides the point. Along with Black we have a couple of other well known names in William Sanderson and Yvonne De Carlo but for my money they don't help much. As I said, it has quite the cult following and appears to have spooked the shit out of a number of kiddies out there so you might want to take a glance into this one.


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