Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Last House on the Left

I have many thoughts on this, the latest in the slew of Hollywood remakes and the first is how do you film a sensitive rape scene. This is important as it sets the tone for this picture. When I first heard they had cast Sara Paxton as Mari I couldn't help but is she going to do this. Now, for those who have interest and have not seen the orginal.....stop here and come back later.
The whole set-up hinges on a very brutal rape scene, which I will discuss a bit more shortly. Paxton is one of those "innocent" types and only 21 so I just couldn't wrap my head around how they could shoot this and mantain the itegrity of the first if you will. Shockingly enough director Dennis Iliadis does it not only with the scene but the film as a whole. It's almost as if Goya were to do a painting in water colour. THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is friggin' brutal, horrifying and yet it is subtle and poetic. I swear, with some good set design and the right cast they could turn this film into a bloody stage play. It is of course a very simple revenge story but it is important to remember the 1972 version ushered this genre in.
As for the film itself, I don't feel much more needs to be said. Outstanding acting all around especially from Monica Potter and Tony Goldwyn though I feel bad singling them out as everybody is excellent and for those of you who find yourselves scratching your head trying to figure out where you know the young boy Justin (Spencer Treat Clark) from it it GLADIATOR.
The ending is a bit weaker than the orignal actually looking like an add on though it is set up earlier in the film but all in all it does the job.
I will say if you plan on seeing it on the big screen to go soon as I went to see the late show last night, a Tuesday to boot and in one of the major movie houses at that and I was BY MYSELF. I have this happen from time to time at afternoon shows but I'd have to say this is the only time I can think of where it happened with a first run film.
I mentioned I had other thoughts on this one and I would like to share an incident with you. It had to do with one of those "know if fucking all" serious little film snob twits who was dense enough to try and expond on the sociopolitical merits of the original and how they were lacking in the remake. I thank the good Lord above, the older I get the easier it is for me to ignore morons, of which I'm more than well aware I'm often one but I try to keep my mouth shut more and I don't tie people up and toothpick their eyes to make them read my blog so I honestly feel I'm getting better in dealing with people. BUT, and yes, it is a big BUT, I had not yet seen the new one (it opened on the 13th and I did mention back in my WATCHMEN blurb, I've been distracted) so I asked how they handled the rape scene and did they save the "piss" scene to which this tit wad, I kid you not, started to argue was never in the original. Kind of like saying CITIZEN KANE didn't have a sled or GONE WITH THE WIND didn't have a fire!
Oh, I was going somewhere with this and I guess it was along the lines of how tired I am of people yapping about films they've obviously not seen. Honestly, I had to get up and leave or I was going to stick this mentaly challenged chump's head in a microwave. See, maybe I am getting better.
By the way, for those who care but are waiting for the DVD, they don't use the "piss" scene in the new one.


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WOW...I have absolutly no interest in seeing this movie, yet...what a well written review. :)

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