Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stronger than Fire:The Eva Olsson Story

As far as I know there are still tickets to be had for this special event taking place at the Beach United Church (Wineva and Queem Street East, Toronto) March 28th, 2009, 7:00 PM where resident Beacher director Don Gray will introduce his documentary about the thoughts and life of Holocaust survivor Eva Olsson. I'm not sure if she will be in attendance or not but if the film manages to capture even a tenth of her unique strength and power it will be a special evening. Adult tickets are $15.00 with proceeds supporting local youth and family initiatives for peace, whatever that means but it at least sounds good. Don't forget, this is taking place in a church auditorium so don't come staggering 'round the corner from Captain Jacks! If you wan't to donate to the cause rather than doing said stagger, fire me an email and I'll collect it from you AND BRING IT RIGHT TO THEM rather than sit their getting all juiced with you lot and missing the film. Incidentally, should you ever have the chance to see Eva Olsson don't miss it, I guarantee a truly inspirational experience.


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