Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

Horse films are a genre unto itself and it is for this reason the comparisons between this and SEABISCUIT are wrong. Yes, they both involve a "broken" horse who should never race again and they are both based on actual events. The big difference is the pacing. SEABISCUIT moves to fast in my opinion to be a "true" horse film and DREAMER does not make this mistake. It takes it sweet time to move it's simple little story. Don't get me wrong, I loved SEABISCUIT but when you think of a classic, say such as THE BLACK STALLION there is a slowness to how things unfold which seems to be intrinsically linked to the sentiment of horses in general. As to if you will enjoy DREAMER or not depends on how you feel about Dakota Fanning. Never mind Kurt Russell or Kris Kristofferson, this is her film and I fully understand she drives some folks right around the bend. I happen to like her work and she is in fine form here, so much I honestly can't think of anybody else for the role. Oddly enough this is the only piece to date directed by actor/writer/producer John Gatins and I hope this changes soon as I greatly enjoyed his style. One scene in particular come to mind, this being when Fanning feeds the popsicle to Sonhadora (Dreamer) through the stable wall, it's amazing sequence of visuals and sets the tone of the relationship to come between Fanning and the mare. With fine support from David Morse, Elisabeth Shue and Luis Guzman as the trainer this heartwarming tale of healing and triumph is perfect viewing for the entire family.


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