Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Oh, you are just waiting for me to rip this one to shreds aren't you. Ain't gonna happen!
I'll fess up.....I bloody HATED this film and I honestly think I'd rather have some dominatrix hammer nails into my scrotum than sit through it again BUT it is a well made film and it certainly wasn't made for me. Hey, I'm a guy who has probably spent a total of eighty hours or more of my life watching some guy in a hockey mask chase people around and I'm not talking about Patrick Roy! So, even though I thought the characters in THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS were vacuous retards ( and if I were directing said guy in hockey mask would have had at 'em!) and the sountrack even worse it is a well shot and properly flowing piece of work. I've not read the three "novels" by Ann Brashears they jammed together to make this movie but I did have the "pleasure" of listening to an ample sized group of tweenies howling on and on about which characters did and did not work so for anybody out there reading this who just MIGHT happen to care there is apparently some issues with the casting though I swear I'll never be able to in this or any other lifetime tell you what they are. I will tell you this, if you are a guy stuck babysitting and you get roped into renting this one you will be regarded as a lecherous old git if you get caught drooling over Blake Lively running about in her panties so be a good guy and stay in the friggin' kitchen making 'smores or whatever the hell the little urchins want and whatever you do make sure you have, like, a WAREHOUSE of damn Kleenex about and EARPLUGS because I promise you there will be tears and wailing a plenty which is about all any sane adult male needs to know about THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS.


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