Monday, July 19, 2010



Angelina Jolie is smart, sexy, successful and just so happens to be a Russian sleeper agent who is a one-woman wrecking crew. Sounds great and man oh man I'm there but hey, very little we haven't seen before. As an action film SALT more than delivers as director Phillip Noyce knows how to deliver in this genre but there were three things I found frustrating about this film. First, there was enough to deliver a straight espionage piece and indeed SALT starts out that way but then turns into a simple Jolie vehicle becoming a cross between TOMB RAIDER and WANTED. This is a shame as Jolie could easily carry a serious action picture and with the new JAMES BOND film on indefinite hold I couldn't help but thing the studios simply MUST pair her up with Daniel Craig again. Soon! My second problem is with Jolie herself...lose the bloody high heels will you please. I'm sorry but you just don't go doing the whole parkour thing in a pair of heeled boots. We all get that ya gots them smoking hot walking sticks baby but help us suspend or sense of disbelief and gran some sneakers dammit. My final complaint is with Liev Schreiber, who I'm a great fan of but shit on a stick fellows, if you are going to borrow from THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (remake) do you really think it's wise to cast Liev in the part you did? All in all SALT is a fine little summer thrill ride and of course it's left open with a sequel in mind. Fun stuff but you can wait for the DVD.


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