Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Good Guy

Uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....why oh why do I continue to torture my peepers with teenie targeting stuff like this? Because every now then there are little gems to be found. THE GOOD GUY doesn't quite reach gem but it's a better offering than lots of other stuff out there and if nothing else it answered my question of whatever happened to Anna Chlumsky. Turns out the breakout childhood star is doing bit work is flicks like this. Alexis Bledel of GILMORE GIRLS fame struck me a little too weak to lead this ensemble which could have done better with a heavier presence to match the males on display. The Brazilian waxing scene was an excellent showcase of former tweenine TV talent which I quite enjoyed and throwing Bryan Greenberg and Scott Porter, both good Omaha, Nebraska boys, together was a great touch. Speaking of Porter, he plays a great scum bucket and somebody has best snag him a serial killer role and fast. I say this because THE GOOD GUY has shades of AMERICAN PSYCHO and other than said "good guy" you will probably hate all of the characters including a long-time INK CASUALTY fave Andrew McCarthy who justly slimes in every scene he's involved with. I'm not giving THE GOOD GUY the thumbs up but if you are stuck watching it there are a few things of interest, the lovely Kate Nauta certainly being one of them.


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