Friday, July 16, 2010


Excellent on all levels. An absolute visual feast wrapped in a great brain buster. Worth every damn cent to see!
Detailed review to follow when time permits

and at this point is there need to say anymore? This is indeed the blockbuster of the summer. While smart in presentation it doesn't let the "science" get in the way of the action and as one critic said this is "THE MATRIX meets JAMES BOND" and that about sums it up. So much so you'll see where Nolan borrows from both. While there are a couple of visuals we've never seen before I'm of the mind many of you will experience the Escheresque sense of deja vu I did. This is not a bad thing but I did walk out wondering when we will next get something truly unique from American cinema.


Blogger Christian said...

Saw it today! Awesome. For those who haven't, watch the forest, not the trees and you will enjoy. Watch the trees, not the forest and you will hate it.

7:54 PM  

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