Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I have yet to read the Stieg Larsson trilogy this came from and after seeing this I doubt I'll bother. A fine suspense film for sure but only stands out as unique due to the fact it takes it's time to develop the main characters but I'm of the mind had this been an American production (there are rumours Fincher may indeed direct a remake) there wouldn't have been much fuss made about it. Indeed they are using a quote (from People I think) to promote this, "believe the hype" and that is about all I found here.....hype. The way it was talked about I expected something akin to BLADERUNNER and LA FEMME NIKITA and it just doesn't deliver. I certainly enjoyed Noomie Rapace as the chick with the lizard on her back but other than that it reminded me of a '70s BBC production. Certainly worth a view but ditch the hype before you do so.


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