Sunday, June 27, 2010


Where oh where do I begin with this one. The Spierig Brothers gave us a unique take on the zombie genre with UNDEAD but from the previews DAYBREAKERS struck me as about to be GATTACA with vampires. Not just because it stars Ethan Hawke but the visual style and indeed DAYBREAKERS stars out in this fashion. It takes itself serious for a bit, then Willem Dafoe shows up as comic relief and a film with mucho potential quickly careens right into predictable nonsense. Entertaining predictable nonsense yes but not what we expected especially when it could have been so much more. Sam Neill looks like he walked right from the set of THE FINAL CONFLICT and sadly adds more ham than substance to this blood fest and yes, there be blood with one of the best exploding head scenes in ages but we get back to the same problem of DAYBREAKERS being camp when you want high art.


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