Sunday, June 27, 2010


Being a fan of Philip Ridley's THE REFLECTING SKIN I went in with some high expectations from HEARTLESS and they were only half met. By every stretch of the imagination this is a dark and complex piece of work but it seems too intent on straddling the balance beam between art-house and main stream and this may irk some viewers. Jim Sturgess as the birth marked photographer who discovers demons living amongst us quickly brings to mind NOMADS and throughout you may find yourself thinking of ANGEL HEART and JACOB'S LADDER as well. It's not a direct rip but the elements Ridley works with here make comparisons inevitable. Interesting just how many members of the support cast are CASUALTY veterans and fans of the show will enjoy this face gazing aspect. Some great scares, good splat and brilliant atmosphere will make you forgive the tidy ending.


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