Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When You're Strange

Much as been said of late about Tom DeCillo's latest examination of the legend behind THE DOORS toting this as a counter point to Oliver Stone's supposed biopic. While any DOORS flick is a good DOORS flick in my mind WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE does not live up to the claims. Despite a rather wooden narration provided by Johnny Depp and some cleaned up footage from Morrison's alleged lost art film HWY: AN AMERICAN PASTORAL (which, besides what's seen in this pic I've still to date only seen fuzzy VHS boot fragments) there isn't much here to set this aside from a crass cash-grab. Nothing wrong with that mind you and it is a great look at rock & roll suicide 101 or as an introduction for the tweenie-bops to the works of THE DOORS but for us old acid casualties there will be little new of interest though there is an interview with Jim's father in the extras.


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