Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

When I see John Cusack is starring in something new I used to get excited but after 2012, 1408 and now this, not so much. He has one great moment, with sunglasses and a bong, which gets more of a cerebral chuckle than a belly laugh and this is the problem with HOT TUB TIME isn't very funny. I'm serious, the only thing I laughed out loud at was the friggin' squirrel! Sure, it was entertaining as a time waster but it never steps up to the plate and taps the homer. Crispen Glover tries to spice things up, nothing doin' and while I always love to see Montreal's Jessica Pare in a state of undress it isn't enough to make me recommend this one to anybody. Hell, they couldn't even get the real POISON to do the flick.


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