Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food, Inc.

As many of my friends and regular readers here at INK CASUALTY are all around activists for this cause or that many have overlooked this gem of a documentary thinking it would hold nothing new for them. I would hope that is corrected soon as FOOD, INC. has some special perspectives to offer. First off, I was supremely impressed with the even hand director Robert Kenner uses. He doesn't go for the alarmist jugular opting instead to put the facts and figures there for the viewing to draw their own conclusions and this is an extremely welcome approach when it comes to the subject matter at hand. Of great surprise to me was the segment concerning Walmart and it this which best illustrates the air of hope FOOD, INC. gives. Always great to see Eric Schlosser of FAST FOOD NATION fame and Joel Salatin ( is an absolute pleasure and for those unfamiliar with his work I strongly urge you to check out the family website. I hear this will be running on TVO soon but the DVD is worth checking out for the extras for the bonus Salatin bits.


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