Friday, January 15, 2010

The Book of Eli


There is an interesting scene early on where Denzel Washington is sitting on a makeshift bed with a movie poster for A BOY AND HIS DOG hanging behind him which I found a nice touch from The Hughes Brothers. It firmly told me they were more than well aware there are a number of post-apocalyptic flicks out there and allowed me to sit back and enjoy their take on the subject and a mighty fine one it is. Story wise we're not seeing much new (are we ever these days?) but the way they present it is unique enough relying more on the characters than the action and special effects. Oh yes, lots of shit gets blown up mighty good and there are some great fights with Denzel doing all of his own stunt work this time out but it is the interaction between people which sets this one apart. Many critics are of the mind the parts needed to be flushed out more but I can't see why as it would have only muddled up a rather simple tale. From the previews and the title it's easy to discern this would be a Holy Bible, King James version no less, the lead is carrying about and anybody familiar with THE TWILIGHT ZONE or FAHRENHEIT 451 will see the "twist" ending coming from a mile away but I'm of the thought it shouldn't matter as the overall effect is satisfying. Washington as Eli is especially effective in the lead as his is an actual man of faith as I've seen in may interviews with him and it spills over in the role. Gary Oldman as the bad brainer though he does seem to be doing a bad Jack Nicholson impersonation for the whole thing. We can thank the Gods above Kristen Stewart turned down the part of Solara as Mila Kunis of ROBOT CHICKEN fame is excellent and totally rawks the post-apocalyptic chic look, a style I'm just dying to see come into fashion and it spared me having to listen to the darkened masses of TWILIGHT junkies who no doubt would have flooded the theatre like some biblical plague. Good to see Jennifer Beals in a substancial role and nice cameos from Malcolm McDowel and Michael Gambon. Tom Waits once again is great and steals the picture every time he's on screen and good stuff for stunt double extrodinaire Heidi Pascoe getting some screen time. Special mention must be made of the score provided by Atticus Ross. Utterly fantastic and haunting and I hope to hear more from Atticus in the future. Overall well worth the price of the ticket and far better than all of the other overhyped crap out there right now.


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OK then... im looking forward to watching this...thks x

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