Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exit to Eden

I can't even remember reading the Anne Rice novel this was based on and while I'm positive I did and am quite sure I was rather happy to be free of broody complaining vampires for a minute or two I think it is safe to say anything good about Rice's book was "lost in translation" as they say. Simply put EXIT TO EDEN sucks. Poorly acted, poorly constructed and all around just poor which may be why I like it. The S&M fashionings of course were to my liking but the story drags and the plot is right up there with TRAILER PARK 'HOS STEAL SANTA'S HOSE TO SIPHON GAS PART VXI. If it weren't for her voice over I'd say Rosie O'Donnell is suprisingly good but the mentioned voice over is so annoying I can't. Poor David Aykroyd looks like he would rather be home though he has a great moment with his "real life" wife Donna Dixon and it is little things like this which make EXIT TO EDEN enjoyable when it shouldn't. Dana Delany? Love her but she too looks like she'd rather be fishing. If there is any true bright light here it would be Mrs. Bowie, Iman (make sure you hear David and the Bingster at least once this season!) who looks to be having a fab time and if you do manage to suffer this out to the end be sure to watch right to the final end of the credits where Iman has, by far, the funniest moment of the entire picture.


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