Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Vampire Lovers

Roy Ward Baker pretty much started the whole vampire lesbo genre when he unleashed this now classic on the world back in 1970 and bloodsucker films have never been the same since. While slightly dated it still has some fantastic imagery not to mention the buxom stable of Ingrid Pitt, Madeline Smith, Kirsten Lindholm, Janet Key and Pippa Steel running about in various states of hysteria and one should be warned there is enough screaming in this film to easily wake up the dead. Peter Cushing is on board to do a bit of slaying and the marks the film debut of Jon Finch who we last saw in KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. This also stands out as being a proper adaptation of Le Fanu's CARMILLA and though a fair argument can be made for Roger Vadim's BLOOD AND ROSES doing it first so much of the film was cut for North American audiences we will give Baker his due as jump starting this ever so important part of the horror film universe.


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