Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revolutionary Road

As a social experiment I would love to get a hundred people together and plunk them all in a theatre to see a double feature of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and THE HOURS. I'd lay good money on the odds at least ten of the hundred would be suicide cases within a couple of days after sitting through these happy little suckers! Mind you, I thought REVOLUTIONARY ROAD was great as a piece of art, well directed by Sam Mendes who just so happens to be married to star Kate Winslet who gives yet another stunning performance here. Of course much was made of the fact it teamed her with Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time since TITANIC. Also on board from that sunken ship is Kathy Bates and despite this being one mighty depressing film it is a pleasure to see the three back together again. Author Richard Yates, whose novel this is based on, was divorced twice in his life and it certainly shows in the way marriage is portrayed here. In fact, if you know anybody stupid enough to be getting hitched anytime soon you might want to lay this on 'em and I'm quite sure they will come to their senses mighty quick. A special mention must be made of the score Thomas Newman provides which is fabulous.


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