Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Damien: Omen II

I was thinking about the near ending of the first OMEN when Gregory Peck was flying on the plane with the knives bundled up on his lap and how if the movie had been made today the climax to that film wouldn't have happed as due to security he would have had to check them with the luggage which would have been lost as Damien could live happily ever after.....and of course he does because he's here in the second picture. Not a scary as the first but an interesting metaphor for the troubles of puberty. They kind of rip off THE BIRDS as they do most of the dirty work here rather than the dog. Jonathan Scott-Taylor, who is quite the Shakespearean actor, fills the pants of the teen hell spawn and does a damn fine job of it. One scene in particular stands out as he questions the universe with the "why me" after discovering who he really is, an obvious reference to the famous monologue of Christ. Scott-Taylor did a few more pieces after this and then became a lawyer. Deduce from this what you will. While Damien is supposed to be the big menace here we actually get better chills from Lance Henriksen who once again provides the weirdness factor. Star power with William Holden, Leo McKern and Lew Ayres in his final big screen appearance. Not a bad follow up at all.


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