Monday, October 26, 2009

The Masque of the Red Death

Of the fifty plus films Roger Corman has directed over the years THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH stand out as one of his finest if not the best he's done. Using elements of Poe's titled story with aspects from HOP-FROG, Corman sets the stage for a fine array of character actors to put on one serious little spook-out. Vincent Price is in malicious fine form and we are treated to the talents of Hazel Court and Jsane Asher as well as a menacing performance from the late Patrick Magee whom most know best from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Yet, all of the gruesome hi-jinx aside it is the dream sequences and the cinematography, provided by the then soon to be reknowned Nicolas Roeg, which make this production special and help eliminate the oft found campiness of Corman's work. It' s a poweful presentation and one still capable of giving you a bad dream or two.


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