Saturday, October 17, 2009

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Here is an odd little bit of history you'll find floating around in the dollar bins at the moment. On the surface this grade Z sci-fi yawner looks like a pass though the curious may wish to take a boo just to see the great Basil Rahtbone in one of his final roles. Truth be told he's horrid here but one can't blame the man for taking the money. What makes this interesting is the history. Roger Corman somehow got his hands on footage the Russian government shot for propaganda purposes releasing their own fiction films to bolster the interest n space exploration. Corman then added a few people and some new plots and overdubbed the archival footage. Peter Bogdonovich (under the name of Derek Thomas and the eye of Corman) would use the same footage for his big screen directorial debut in the highly orignal titled film VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET OF WOMEN. Not much in the way of entertainment but stimulating for historical reasons.


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