Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don't Look Now

With all the fuss recently being made about PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, that supposedly made for $15,000 cerebral spooker which has the internet groups doing overtime, one might well be better served going back to this Nocolas Roeg classic. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie give stunning performances as the couple haunted by the drowning death of their daughter. Oddly enough, the sex scene between the two gets talked about more than the film itself which is a shame as this is one destined to give you chills and I still know ladies who are unable to watch it alone. This has nothing to do with what you see as much as what you don't and though somewhat based on a Daphne Du Maurier story it is far more Roeg's tone and stylings whichh will do you in. Some have said this was the inspiration for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT which I think unfair though there is a scene the makers may very have lifted or paid homage to and you certainly cant miss the image in question but DON'T LOOK NOW is a far different picture. As always, I refuse to give away the plot, as ambiguous and resolved/unresolved as it may be but I will say it moore than worth your time.


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