Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Blob

I recently came across an apple. It had been in the fridge for quite some time and was starting to wither away. In a fit of genius I remembered I had some brwon sugar in the jar which had turned hard and cut up said apple to see if the old story was true. Sure enough the next day I had nice flowing apple flavored sugar on my oatmeal and all was well in the universe. Of course male logic when applied to old wives tales is flawed and nobody ever mentioned I was supposed to take the apple out of the sugar jar so that when I went to grab some a month later I encountered a fuzzy bloobish oozing mess which may very well have held the cure for cancer or at least the drug resistant neurosyphilis shit bothering the hospitals these days.
This of course has very little to do with Chuck Russell's 1988 remake of THE BLOB other than the crap in my sugar jar reminded me of said thingy. As far as the flick goes it delivers the goods, upping the special effects while maintaining the campy fun of the original. Kevin Dillon (yes, brother of Matt!) and the lovely Shawnne Smith (not playing a psycho for a change) do a fair job of carrying the action through and we are treated to appearances from the likes of Candy Clark, Bill Moseley, Erika Eleniak and the late great Jack Nance. Other than that, what else needs to be said? It's a remake of THE BLOB......you prety much know what you are in for.


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you are one sick fuck

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