Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Butterfly Effect

Well, you can throw the science out with the baby and the bath water on this stupid little thriller and if you are capable of this you just might enjoy THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. In a nutshell, Ashton Kutcher has inherited a genetic curse which allows him to go back and "punk" time which causes all kinds of mighty hell with his personal history. It's a fun enough ride if you don't question it but if you can't stand Kutcher this flick will be unwatchable. Amy Smart who we know and love from ROBOT CHICKEN and the CRANK films does her best to addsome emotional weight to the project and the young Jesse James does teen anger better than most. We are treated to a great cameo from body double extrodinaire Amy Esterle and Kelowna's own Brandy Kopp has a couple of great moments but it is Ethan Suplee (MY NAME IS EARL) who steals every scene. If you happen to to be watching the DVD opt for the theatrical cut over the director's. While the D.C. does fill in a couple of minor points it's ending leaves much to be desired and this is one case where the theatre ending is far better.


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