Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Prom Night

While PROM NIGHT may not be the best in the wave of '80s slasher films it does remain near and dear to my heart. Surprisingly this has nothing to do with scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis being in the lead but rather the support and back crew involved. Director Paul Lynch, who we may as well wish a Happy Birthday to as he was born twenty years to the day earlier than I, while being born in the town of THE BEATLES has done a great deal of his work in Toronto, PROM NIGHT included, so he ranks in my books as one of own. He directed episodes for almost all of our great sci-fi shows as well as going down south for stints on everything from the news STAR TREKS to XENA. Robert Guza Jr. who gets his first writing credit here believe it or not is now the head writer on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Go through the crew involved on PROM NIGHT and most are working on local productions today. Mind you, this is no big shock, the film is only turning 30 with a remake proper in the pipeline. No shock but important because it tells you the quality level on this low budget feature is better than the numbers would lead you to think. There are some mighty tense moments in this one and some of the stingers will still make you jump. Some extra star talent in names like Leslie Nielsen, Robert A. Silverman and the great Antoinette Bower add to what promises to be a night to remember.


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