Monday, June 01, 2009


"We're all looking for the B.B.D., the bigger, better deal" are the words myself and a select group of teenage walking hard-ons adopted as a summer mantra. I'm not sure we ever truly found the B.B.D. but much like the quest for the elusive grail the voyage was a fun one. One need not expect much of a plot from this piece intended for the Playboy station and found for some reason to be good enough for theatrical release. Some middle aged dudes spend a summer at the beach but find themselves unable to pull the B.B.D. so they hire a young studley to school them on then finer aspects of landing said B.B.D.. Wow, a plot.....who the fuck cares! This is all about an assortment of buxom beauties prancing about in various states of undress. This list would include the likes of Kristi Somers, Darcy DeMoss and Crystal Shaw and Kathleen Kinmont making their film debuts. HARDBODIES also marks the first credited acting role for our ol' boy Jason himself Kane Hodder and we see chick rockers VIXEN to boot. Easy to see why a film of this nature appealed so greatly to our young, impressionable, hash and beer laden horny little minds. Right there alongside GONE WITH THE WIND as one of the greatest movies ever made.


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