Monday, June 01, 2009

Lord of Illusions

You can argue away as to which of the Clive Barker directed films is the best, I waver depending on the day between this and NIGHTBREED. I tend to feel LORD OF ILLUSIONS is the better picture on whole but the fact David Cronenberg plays a psycho in NIGHTBREED gives it a leg up. LORD OF ILLUSIONS to date is the last to be written and directed by Barker and it's a shame as he seemed to be getting the hang of it. Some have complained I don't bother to provide a story synopsis here, this would be due to the fact I feel many of my regulars have either seen the blurbed picture and if they haven't would rather discover it for themselves. For this reason I would tell you few who've not see this one and are interested to stay away from IMDB or other sites where the action can be spoiled for you. There are some twists in LORD OF ILLUSIONS you simply do not ruined. What I will say is it's one of Scott Bakula's best roles period. There was talk they would try and expand his character here to franchise format but it seems unlikely this many years later. Early role for Famke Janssen and once again the late Vincent Schiavelli pretty much has the best line in the whole movie.


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