Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ben Stiller can make some pretty stupid films and ZOOLANDER would have to rank up there as the worst of them. Of course it's great, funnier than hell but damn is it ever stupid. I gather that's the point. The beautiful people on parade being......well....stupid. When I say beautiful people I mean it. There are so many cameos in this one you'd swear it was the MTV Video Awards and it's a major factor in ZOOLANDER's charm....I mean where else will you see David Bowie and GWAR in the same scene. Though Siller and Owen Wilson are in top form here it is David Duchovny who all most steals the show. I wont ruin that for you so I'll leave with saying this bit of nonsense it a must see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silly, but funny...Blue Steele


11:01 PM  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

I love Wilson and Stiller but agree with you...Duchovny rocks it! He really was born to be strangley quirkily funny. A lot of people forget he was in "Twin Peaks". I hope you can get your hands on "Californication"'s wonderful. George says hi btw. (and he seconds the recommendation on "Californication"). Just watched the latest "X-Files" movie for the second time...I love it. I choke up thats how much of a geek I am for X-Files. I'm not sure why it got so many mixed reviews, it's pretty cool actually.

Speaking of strange characters, fashion, sex and've got to check out this band...they are transgender bluegrass and they are Chicago local is their YouTube videos:

Check it out, one of them is wearing a giant camel toe and the other is wearing a fur codpiece of sorts..."gwar meets madonna"? lol

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