Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Reaping

The idea of Hillary Swank in a horror thriller frankly scared me more than anything the Hayes brothers could cook up but she was surprising effective this one. Might have had something to do with Stephen Hopkins directing style but THE REAPING is one mighty creepy biblical freak show. Easy to compare it with THE SEVENTH SIGN but so what, that was twenty years ago and hey, everybody is making end of the world films these days. Then again, any flick with raining or exploding frogs (MAGNOLIA excepted though the falling frog scene was amazing) is a good flick in my books. The biggest problem with THE REAPING is the end but I found it easy to forgive as the rest of the feature was so entertaining. Seeing Stephen Rea as a priest was a howl and nice to see Jillian Batherson getting some screen time.


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