Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes Man

It's been a while since Jim Carrey has starred in a legitimately good comedy and happily YES MAN qualifies. This has partly to do with Peyton Reed being a competent director but more because YES MAN was inspired by the Danny Wallace. I've not seen it but supposedly this British guy said yes to everything for a year and then cranked out a best seller. Don't know about that but the flick sure did good box. It starts out a bit harsh which will have you scared you are about to sit through another version of THE CABLE GUY. Doesn't take long for Terence Stamp to show up and change all of that. Stamp is like a great spice, the soup is bland, add a dash and bingo, you have something edible. It turns into a good natured exploration of what can happen when you decide say yes instead of no which allows Carrey to do what he does best. I especially enjoyed the "house band" MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY comprised of Zooey Deschanel and VON IVA ( www.voniva.com ) which was certainly my personal highlight. Be sure to watch right to the end as the closing scene is excellent.


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