Monday, May 25, 2009

In Good Company

This is an odd little picture to pin down. While it isn't great it doesn't suck coming off as made for television in feel but for the big screen in look. The TV aspect is not so much in the recognizable faces, Marg Helgenberg, Topher Grace, David Paymer or Philip Naker Hall to name a few but rather the script. It's simple, not twisted and is delivered clean. Scarlett (damn but I want to be a pop star!) Johansson sums it up best when her character delivers the line "I'm a victim of a non-disfunctional family". The film is carried on the ever broad and capable shoulders of Dennis Quaid and if anybody else had been in the lead it would have fallen flat on it's face. Of personal pleasure to me was when Quaid punches out Grace. After years of THAT '70s SHOW and the mere fact his character even "blinked" when faced with the opportunity to hop in the sack with Johansson...well.....he deserved a smack in the head! Actually, Topher does a bang-up job here as the young up-and-comer in the corporate jungle and I imagine he will turn in some serious drama pices in the years to come. Not great, not bad and sure to be in regular rotation on THE WOMEN'S NETWORK any day now.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

I rather enjoyed this one oo. And you're right it is Dennis Quaid who pulls off the whole movie. He is really watchable and I found myself really feeling for the guy.

Hey sode note: I e-mailed you about one of my fave bands...Gallows...I hope the link I sent you works!


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