Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dennis the Menace

I hate to be hard on a film directed by Nick Castle who just so happened to play "the shape" or Michael Myers if you will in the original HALLOWEEN but this version of Hank Ketcham's beloved comic strip is a flawed piece of work. Perhaps we can blame it on the script as there is nothing wrong with the directing. This was provided by John Hughes of HOME ALONE fame and here is where the problem begins. Hughes takes Dennis and throws him in a HOME ALONE feature which brings a mean spirit to the project, rather opposite to the feeling Ketcham always used in his strip, one of good natured mischief. As far as casting goes Mason Gamble does a fine Dennis though they never seemed to nail his trademark cowlick right but the real gem would be the late Walter Matthau as Mr. Wilson. Despite the problems with this picture any time Gamble and Matthau are on screen is pure magic. Throwing Christopher Lloyd in as Switchblade Sam is a perfect example og Hughes borrowing from his own work and while Lloyd has some fine moments his character simply does not fit here. Not the best you will see but worth a look for Matthau and Gamble alone.


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I actually forgot there was a movie version of this one.

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