Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Star Wars

Is there any need for me to bother blurbing this one. Like it or not, this one changed the "landscape" of science fiction and started the great debate of which school of fandom, STAR TREK or STAR WARS were the uncoolest geeks. Here we all know it's the warbots but we wont go there. Nor will I get into the whole thing of "why didn't you list it as STAR WARS: EPISODE IV-A NEW HOPE. I was there when it first hit the big screen and it was and as far as I'm concerned forever will be simply STAR WARS. What I can say here is over thirty years later this is by far the best "film" of the lot. Yes, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is my personal favorite by STAR WARS is one mightly well made film and surprisingly the special effects which we we all wowed by but made fun of for some reason look far better now then they did back in the day. If I were to put my finger on why it may be we have been so inundated by CGI the effects here feel more organic. Another point of note is you should try to see it in the orginal form, not remastered with the update visuals or the change in perspective when Han Solo blows away Greedo. The under the table blaster scene was instrumental in setting up a neat aspect of his character, slightly lessend by the over the table shot. The late Peter Cushing has some fine moments here and all around it may be even more enjoyable now than when we were kids.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

I am a Star Wars FREAK!

It totally changed everything I felt about movies. I saw this when it first came out too. In fact, I was a teen in Calgary and the movie theatre on 16th had a sign that said "R2D2 for Mayor" and I thought what the heck does that mean...and I thought I didn't want to see the movie because of the movie theatres signage....

A friend of mine convinced me I was gonna want to see this movie...and I was stunned. As I left the theatre I remember feeling distinctly let down by the return to the real world...I wanted to live in the world of the movie (Later Woody Allen would write a film playing on that very notion, the fantastic, "Purple Rose of Cairo"...when Allen still made marvelous movies...I related to Mia Farrow's character primarily because of the way I felt when I left "Star Wars")

I couldn't hardly sleep that night after seeing the movie and the next day I went back to a matinee. I sat all afternoon for three matinees...you used to be able to do that...just stay in your seat ya know?

I've seen this first one so many ties I can't tell you. One day, or rather one weekend, here in Chicago when I was visiting a couple years ago...a movie channel had all six movies on...I pigged out and wtched everyone. I'd seen them all several times...and guess what? I'm even a fan of the recent ones...I think they have been underestimated. I used to play a computer game of Star Wars too (I was terrible at it, but I loved it) I owned a Millenium Falcoln...my daughter still has my Jabba action figure...I had it on my bath tub no matter where I lived most of my life...funny huh?

I also have recently enjoyed the "Clone Wars" on tv. Written for about 10 year olds...but I couldn't help it, I got into the animation...it rocks!

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