Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This is an interesting film on many levels and was far better than I expected, something I've noticed with each subsequent viewing. The first point is THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE is more of a courtroom drama than a horror film. Loosely based on actual events of a German case in the early '70s. Tom Wilkinson does a fine job of the priest accused of negligent homicide while Laura Linney was in my mind a rather poor choice for the lawyer who defends him. Nothing wrong with her acting, she just somehow does not fit the part. Because the film was shot in British Columbia we have some nice cameos from Canadian greats Henry Czerny, Kenneth Welsh and Colm Feore. Yes, I know Colm is not Canadian but he does so much work in this country he may as well be! While I say this is more of a courtroom drama than a horror film there are more than enough "boo" moments here to give it a nice whollop and this brings me to the most interesting point of all. Emily Rose is portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter, known to us here as Mrs. Dexter. As she is double jointed she does most of her own physical stunt work and looking at some of the positions she contorts herself into are amazing. Which brings me to the problem of not being able to help myself but wonder what she and Michael C. Hall, A.K.A. Dexter get up to in the bedroom. Yes, I know, none of my bloody damn business but as the song says, the mind will wander. An above average thriller and well worth the time to find.


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