Friday, March 06, 2009

The Last House on the Left

While it would be five years later in 1977 when Wes Craven would leave his mark on the horror landscape with THE HILLS HAVE EYES it is important not to overlook this, his debut picture which of which the remake will "grace" the big screen this coming Friday the 13th. Not sure if they'll get my 12 bucks for that one but I do look forward to seeing any special DVD they may release of the original as a tie-in. Oddly enough I mention Friday the 13th as a young Steve Miner who would go on to help create that franchise broke into the business with THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and this also an early film for now veteran actor Martin Kove. This tale of loss and revenge was touted as being true but I;ve heard many time in the art houses it's a reworking of some Igmar Bergman film from the '60s. Cant confirm that but it certainly holds it's own in the early realm of realistic horror brutality. I still like THE HILLS HAVE EYES better but this one is well worth seeing especially as it will be well available again soon......and yes...I could say a hell of a lot more about this film but anybody who has ever read Fangoria or any book on modern horror will have heard it all before so why bother.


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