Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lost Boys: The Tribe

You might be tempted to file this in the "why the hell did they bother" drawer and I wouldn't blame you but there are three reasons to give this one a quick look. The first would be the cameo Tom Savini does at the beginning of the film.....bloody funny enough to warrant the three bucks for a rental all on it's own! The second would be the cool vampire death by deer antler scene. Even though it's a cheap CGI pop it's a bloody cool scene. The third would be the return of Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. Hard to tell if he's having a grand ol' time with the role reprisal or just simply pissed with his agent for making him take the part. As the Platinum Blonde song goes it doesn't really matter because he's funny as can be even if it wasn't intentional. Other that these bits the film is standard stuff but at least they were kind of able to get a Sutherland on baord for the project.


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