Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a Kiss

It's hard enough to adapt a stage play to the silver screen as it is let alone having a less than accomplished director trying to do so as is the case with JUST A KISS. We all loved Fisher Stevens in HACKERS and he had directed a short with writer/actor Patrick Breen before but sadly what we end up with here is one of those sensitive and shallow New York art films about actors/dancers and their hollow lives. I just couldn't buy Breen as a male lead all head over heels for Marley Shelton of recent ELEVENTH HOUR fame (love that show by the way!) as he strikes me as one who should have been hot on the ass of the always annoying Ron Eldard. Marisa Tomei is once again a delight to watch but the only real saving grace here is Kyra Sedgwick who seems to be in a totally different acting dimension from the rest of the cast. JUST A KISS is unique in that it shows off Sedgwick's gorgeous eyes (yes, I'm serious!) better than any other I've encountered and it's easy to see what Kevin Bacon fell madly in love with. Brief spots for Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are a nice touch unlike the dreadful special effects highlighting Fisher uses throughout the picture.


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