Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walk All Over Me

One would think any film involving Tricia Helfer running about in domanitrix gear would receive the big thumbs up from me but truth be told I have some serious problems with WALK ALL OVER ME. The biggest would be it's a wretched little bit of film making. Of even greater concern to me was Leelee Sobieski running around in said domanitrix get-up which gave me no end of grief as I couldn't watch her without feeling like a slimey old pervert...that and the fact her acting is horrible in this one and I blame the director. If Robert Cuffley had more experience under his belt he may have been able to hammer this into a fair little film as there is a good script, more than adequate talent and from the looks of it not a bad budget to boot. Alas, we have an uneven piece of work which never manages to take flight. Nice original score and the scenes with Michael Eklund are enjoyable, other than this WALK ALL OVER ME will be one where you use the fast forward or freeze frame buttons on your converter more than play.


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