Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Streisand and the Mid-Life Crisis

Part of the problem with this whole mid-life crisis business is it causes you to revert to the hormone driven teenage stage of life where every damn thing you do is stupid. Why in fucking hell's name was I thinking of going to a Barbara Streisand concert? As ol' Uncle Nash says, "he'd rather stick shards of glass in his ears than sit through one of her shows" and shit damn he has a point.
Alas, I am happy to report I came to my senses and was able to pull a Grudge 2 and turn shit in to gold. No doubt about it, her Babness was THE hot ticket in town and everybody and their mom wanted to go. For real! When jokingly offering my ticket to my local bar manager he reported his mom was shut out of the proceedings to which it was simply the right thing to do to ensure she was there. We end up with a happy mom of a the bar manager, and as we all should know, a happy bar manager makes for a happy patron! Judging from the clips I saw on the news, I'm not sure my hearing could have taken it anyway. I'm still suffering from the Who concert in London a few weeks back and from the looks of all the spandex and hairspray in that crowd, if one were to spark up a joint they would be at risk of starting a fire in the ACC that would surely rival that tire dump inferno we had in these parts a while back.
So, another day arrives and everybody is happy. I get to keep my dignity and estrogen levels in line and with any luck my hearing will be up to snuff for the GWAR concert monday. Anybody for green slime? Shit, that reminds me of my favorite Babs story. Back in the early 80's there was a punk band in Newfoundland called DA SLYME who, rather than pay to have covers printed for their records, spray painted their logo on other covers. My copy is Streisand 's WET with a big ol' DA SLYME emblazoned across her honker. Damn, think I'll spin TRUCK STOP MAMA right now.


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