Friday, October 06, 2006


I have discovered, yet again...I'm not a big fan of lobster. My old friend Christian (a Maritimer by fate) joined me for the big boil last night and a fine eve was had by all even if he did end up with most of my crusty! What was more interesting, however, was one of the gifts he brought me. Those reading this who know me on the personal side are well aware life is in a strange place right now, and because of this, my bud sprang for a 25th anniversary Star Trek the Motion Picture plaque signed by Shatner and with an actual piece of the V'ger space craft. Now, this actual "piece" is a black malformed hunk of plastic which if one were to see it kicking about on the floor, they would pick it up, wonder what the fuck it was and how it got there and then promptly discard it to the trash! Christian and I on the other hand have no doubt spent a good work week in hours staring at this damn thing as if we'd just discovered the HOLY FUCKIN' GRAIL!

This got me to thinking, in the middle of the night when one SHOULD be sleeping, on how many pieces of things I have. Again, those who know me are well aware of my passion for collecting signed cards, but, in recent years there have been several game-used insert cards to grab my attention. These are cards with a swatch of jersey, pants, cap, shoe, jock strap, anything you can cut up added to the card.

I have thousands of said cards.

I have pieces of wrestling ring mats mounted with signed photos. I have pieces of hair. If I was unable to get a good sample from my piece of Elvis Presley`s hair, I could probably clone him from DNA swabbed from the pieces of his leather jacket, stage used jump suit or film worn silk shirt I own.

I have pieces of brick from the Berlin wall, a piece of the yellow brick road (yes...THAT yellow brick road) and I even have a piece of brick from the old O Pee Chee factory in London, Ontario. No longer standing, this was the meca of hockey card manufacturing and should have been declared a historical landmark in my opinion.

I have soil as well. Dirt from various famous people`s graves, dirt from Woodstock, even earth from the holy land. What I do not have is a piece of the cross. Yes...that cross. I`ve been offered pieces several times and in my estimation if one were to gather all of the pieces of the cross floating around you could crucify a small country.

Then there are body parts. Pieces of bodies. We won`t talk about that here.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Wow, even I didn't know all that extent to your collection. Thats funny about the about Noah's ark?

We got to get you a museum to house all this stuff!

5:48 PM  

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