Friday, October 13, 2006

A Happy Friday the 13th to Y'all!

Let the mayhem begin folks! Starting this fine autumn day off with a viewing of Freddy VS Jason which is always a sure bet to get the juices flowin', then gonna drag my ass out to see Grudge 2. Let's see what kinda shit the scraggly ol' black haired bitch can still up this time around and will somebody get that little blue boy some fucking iron supplements or something. Failing that, at least turn the damn heat up in that spooky ol' house....kid looks like he gots the hyputermia or sumptin!
And speaking of cold shoulders, check out the dude who dropped 400,000 pounds on 26 holographic letters from Voltaire to Catherine the Great. That's, like, close to a million of our Canuck bucks but by all means, I say these scribbles are worth every penny because in one of these said letters ol' Volly calls Cathy "fat and ignorant".
To this, if memory serves correct, I think the Great C had a French agent lace the Voll man's go go juice with some flesh eating disease or some shit like that.

Fat and ignorant. Could very well describe the idiot who dropped that much quid to own these letters, but, who am I to throw stones!


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up about that Voltaire sale...,,1788970,00.html#article_continue

Fascinating stuff.

Happy 13thFriday to you too!

The Grudge scares me, and I didn't understand it...looking forward toa review of it. Is there a Saw 3 or was I dreaming....

10:48 AM  

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