Friday, May 21, 2010

The Novice (Crossroads)

I've never heard of Murray Robinson but he produced, wrote and directed this little oddball number about a young Jesuit priest wannabe (Jacob Pitts) who runs into Amy Acker and has has second thoughts. Actually, he was having second thoughts before he ran into Acker but I gotta say I'd be leaving the seminary for ANGEL's "Fred" quicker than you could snap a rosary! This is Robinson's only film to date and while having a made for TV feel it is a nice, clean, piece of work. He pulls together a cast of television faces you may not know by name but certainly by face including Matthew Carey, William Lee Scott and even Orson Bean who goes all the way back to the original TWILIGHT ZONE. Interesting roles for Alan Arkin and Frank Langella, both priests, in this pleasant little film.


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