Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Stepfather

The 1987 original had some extra creep factor as it featured Terry O'Quinn with hair but that is a blurb for another day. Today we have the 2009 Nelson McCormack remake which is of some import namely being McCormack is rumored to be directing the 24 feature. He has already done a couple of the TV episodes as well as work on numerous of our favorite shows but to date his films include only TV jobbies and a dismal remake of PROM NIGHT. With THE STEPFATHER we have a stronger showing with Dylan Walsh stepping into O'Quinn's role. It's standard fare but the teen set will get a thrill from it with Penn Badgley of GOSSIP GIRL fame and the lovely Amber Heard, who we are about to see alongside Johnny Depp in Hunter S. Thompson's THE RUM DIARY, as the teens spooked by ol' stepdaddy. The end was a little rushed considering the tension built throughout the film but it still delivers a nice kick. More notable is the directing style which leads me to think McCormack can properly helm the 24 project.


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