Friday, May 21, 2010

Desaccord parfait (Twice Upon a Time)

Antoine de Caunes directs wrote and directed this cerebral comedy involving a celebrity couple who meet again after thirty years. It's an interesting combination of the British and French styles of humor helmed by the impeccable talents of Jean Rochefort and Charlotte Rampling. Rochefort as the director still moved by his actress muse shows why he is so respected in France but the true talent here is Rampling who not only shows how to age gracefully but displays fire and screen passion of such quality it puts most of the new crop of actresses to shame. While a complex balance is maintained between the dramatic and comedic elements we are given an interesting look at the lives of older couples and between the laughs some serious thoughts are explored. The late Ian Richardson has some fine moments and Charles Dance and CORONATION STREET's Simon Kunz show up as does Boy George in a fun cameo. There is a great scene in a leather piano bar and Winston the bulldog damn near steals the show. Still, despite the talent pool this one is carried by Rampling who is simply outstanding. Too slow for the younger set but certainly worth the older crowd's time.


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