Saturday, May 08, 2010

Leidenschaftliche Blumchen (Boarding School)

I don't care how many naked girlies they threw into this sorry excuse for a film, given the chance I would have rounded them up like a litter of kittens and drowned the lot! OK, maybe not that extreme but the giggling and cackling going on here drove me 'round the firggin' bend. It's one of those Euro soft-core jobbies along the lines of LAURA and EMANUEL which I've never been fond of to begin with but for those of you into this tepid crap there may be some points of interest. Yes, we have a barely 19 year old Nastajja Kinski running around half naked for most of the picture but that's nothing new and while this marks the debuts of Sean Chapman (HELLRAISER) and Fabiana Udenio (BABYLON 5) I can't find much nice to say about this one. The music will drive you nuts, the soft focus make you go crosseyed and the giggling will make you want to defenestrate yourself...even if you live in a basement apartment!


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