Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Zinc Bed

In defence of MY ZINC BED (I have no friggin' idea just WHAT the title is supposed to mean) it was made for television but even this does not excuse the fact it is a play that doesn't work in movie film. I've never seen this on stage but while watching David Hare's (THE HOURS, THE READER) work presented in this fashion I couldn't help but think it would work so much better in a dark warehouse with benches and booze bottles scattered about the floor. The booze bottles are important as MY ZINC BED is about just that, a rich old boozer, Jonathan Pryce, antogonizing two recovering addicts played by Paddy Considine and Uma Thurman. What we have thoughout is one hell of a lot of bitching and blah blah blah which certainly reminded me of an AA meeting and bored the living shit out of me. Shame too as the performances are great but it just goes on and on and on and by gawd you'll be driven to drink after the first half hour. Fans of Thurman will certainly want to see it if for no other reason the funky accent she uses but I'm pretty sure most of you will agree this one should have stayed on the lighted boards.


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