Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If you will like UNTRACEABLE depends on two things, if you like the films of Gregory Hoblit (PRIMAL FEAR, FREQUENCY, HART'S WAR, FRACTURE) and if you can handle Diane Lane in the lead. Both seem to be an either you love or hate proposition, in my case I fall under the love category. While UNTRACEABLE is nothing special to write home about it does achieve what films of this nature are supposed keeps you on the edge of your seat while entertaining you for a couple of hours. Will you remember it a day later....maybe one scene but who cares. As Howard Stern used to say, "life is simple, if it's good you have a job you don't hate, you do it, go home and hopefully have a meal and a movie that doesn't suck and you get laid. Life is good".....or something like that. UNTRACEABLE doesn't suck.


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