Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Steam Experiment (The Chaos Experiment)

For those wanting a SAW with a bit more brains THE STEAM EXPERIMENT may very be the answer. Not a fantastic picture but unique in it's approach and, no pun intended, execution. Simple premise has Val Kilmer playing a scientist gone mad who lock six people in a steam bath as a way to prove a theory and make a larger point. Sure, not unique but the way Philippe Martinez (another predominantly producer turned director) puts it together makes it work when another style might not have. Kilmer is a lot of fun here, if you want to call it that, and I commend him for his continued support of independants and it's because of him and a few other "stars" that THE STEAM EXPERIMENT stands out. Armand Assante has it up as the detective investigating Kilmer and while the whole thing might have been filmed in a day it looks like he's having fun. Also having fun is Eric Roberts whose dialogue alone is enough reason to watch the little psycho thriller. With support in the steam room from Cordelia Reynolds, Eve Mauro and Megan Brown this is one experiment you'd do well to partake in.


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