Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crazy Heart

Remember THE X-FILES episode RUSH? Remember the hunky (so I'm told) "speed" freak Max Haren? He was played by Scott Cooper and who would have though a mere ten years later he would be directing Jeff Bridges to his first Oscar. I sure wouldn't have but that's exactly what he did and because of that Oscar I don't feel much need to babble on about CRAZY HEART. Was Bridges good, did he deserve the gold statue...yes and yes. Should he have sang, maybe not. I found that to be the weakest part of the film. Was Maggie Gyllenhall too young to play the love interest. Considering it's a story about a country and western singer I didn't think so and I'm of the opinion she did a mighty fine job. Was Colin Farrell believable? Knowing the way new country is I certainly thought so and I'm of the opinion he did a mighty fine job. Should T. Bone Burnett and Bobby Duvall duke it out for God-hood? Nah.....let T-Bone have it when Robert is sleeping and I'm of the opinion they both did mighty fine in their respective jobs. Is it THE WRESTLER with a twang? Similar story but the same can be said about many things and I'm of the opinion CRAZY HEART does a mighty damn fine job.


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