Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Grudge 3

There it was on the new release shelf, direct to DVD, yet another GRUDGE as if they hadn't managed to wring enough cash from poor Kayako's hair. There it sat on sell-through, ever dropping in price until I could resist it no more and alas we embark on a look st THE GRUDGE 3.
Right off, the scariest thing about this one is how much two of my favorite A-list hotties have aged being Marina Sirtis and Shawnee Smith. No, I'm not insulting them it was merely the observation of time passing and this leads into my issues with THE GRUDGE 3....Ive seen it all before.. That being said this, the first period not to have been directed by Takashi Shimizu, isn't all that bad. It has a fair story, good acting, some nice scares and even more blood than we've seen in the American versions. Sadly, we have a new Kayako as I gather some thought Takako Fuji was too old. I'd rather think she was simply fed up with donning the white body paint and twisting herself into god knows what positions on a cold soundstage but that's just me. Same for the spooky cat kid Toshio now played by Shimba Tsuchiya. Problem here is the kids too damn big for the role and when the character shows up you almost expect the little bug eyed fucker to go (insert Japanese here) "dude, fuck off, I'm playin' Xbox here and you're harshing my buzz" and for my money they should have found Garrett Masuda who was the ghost kid in SCARY MOVIE 4 to play the part. Aiko Horiuchi is a fine replacement for Fuji but my original point was meant to be I'm getting old. As bad as the American GRUDGE 2 was I was at least happy to see the old crew back in action. Now, with a new breed and the sex symbols of my younger years I said before...that's scary. For gawd's sake, they are now remaking the films of my youth on such a regular basis (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET anybody?) that I feel like I'm in a time-warp. Why just the other day I heard a cover OF A cover which was already a cover OF A cover dammit but I digress. THE GRUDGE 3 was good enough they might get my money a little quicker when number 4 hits the stands which, just like this curse, is inevitable.


Blogger Dubz said...

After reading this review I hurriedly added this to my view list.

.... I loved it. Thanks. Would never even have considered it otherwise.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes...was quite a surprise. I failed to mention how much this one reminded me of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR

12:56 PM  

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